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ISLA Bookstore is a product of collaboration between ISLA and Furqaan Bookstore, a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation. Purchases made on this website support both ISLA and Furqaan Bookstore. Both, ISLA and Al-Furqaan Foundation, are non-profit, tax exempt organizations.

ISLA - Islamic Schools League of America

The Islamic Schools League of America works in partnership with educators, organizations, and universities to foster the development, growth, and quality of Islamic education primarily by establishing networks, providing resources, disseminating knowledge, nurturing leadership, and carrying out critical and foundational research on Islamic education and full time schools.

Furqaan Bookstore

Furqaan Bookstore is your online mega store for Islamic books, children’s materials, CD/DVDs, and other Islamic media. We are dedicated to providing you the highest level shopping experience at the best rates with ready customer support. We distribute a huge selection of Islamic products as well as carry exclusive items not found anywhere else. We continue to update our site with the latest offerings so do come back frequently. There are products in various languages, such as English, Arabic, Spanish and Urdu.

Al-Furqaan Foundation

Al-Furqaan Foundation was established in 2003 with mission to deliver the message of the Quran to every individual in America in order to fulfill 5 rights the Quran has upon us as Muslims, which are: Believe It, Recite It, Understand It, Act Upon It & Convey It.
We welcome your questions and comments. Contact us by email or phone – 1-877-866-4104